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Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is relatively simple. We diversify our client's monies, by investing it into a mix of collective investment funds that are spread over a range of different investment sectors. Within each investment sector we conduct our own research into the individual funds available and recommend only those that meet our criteria for fund selection. We review the funds that make up our portfolios on a six monthly basis (Jan & July).

Researching funds that make-up our Portfolios

We have carefully constructed 6 growth and 1 income portfolios for clients who have £75,000 or more to invest.

Using set research criteria such as:

> 6, 12 and 36 month performance data (the funds usually has a minimum 3 months worth of data

> 12 month quartile rankings

> Average quartile ranking over 36 months

> Annual Ongoing Charge

36 month volatility (the fund performance compared to the average within its ..... ...sector group)

> Positive Alpha (fund managers who return above average returns)

> Crown ratings (funds are rated and awarded crowns); the better the performance over the longer period, the higher number of crowns awarded. The maximum crowns a fund can have is 5.

We record the performance of these portfolios and look for trends before recommending to switch funds.

The performance of our portfolios can be found to the left of this page.